Guiding Principles
Conservation — TSF believes that reducing consumption, minimizing waste and improving efficiency are imperative to building healthy, prosperous and safe communities. We strive to embody this principle in all we do, to promote it through our philanthropy and investments, and to build a legacy of sustainability for future generations.

Leadership — TSF invests in leadership for today and tomorrow by investing in the people and organizations that are creating solutions to our most intractable problems. We aspire to become a leader among small foundations in educating philanthropists and building our practice in Impact and Program Related Investments.

Performance — TSF seeks positive social impact as well as financial results from both our social investments and our financial investments. We take measured risks if the potential for success is high. Our investment and philanthropic processes are guided by focus, efficiency and evaluation of results.

Leverage — TSF believes that focused philanthropy can be the catalyst for big change. We seek to leverage our financial, social, human and intellectual capital to deliver results and seek strategic opportunities to invest both as initiators and participants.

Family — TSF promotes multi-generational family philanthropy. We provide opportunities for family members to pursue their individual philanthropic interests and to work together to achieve common goals.