Goals and Strategies
The Springcreek Foundation strengthens the capacity of its donor advisors to make effective philanthropic investments. As a private foundation, TSF provides a high degree of privacy and donor support. In addition to grantmaking, TSF’s corpus – the 95% - is strategically managed by Impact Investment specialists to improve environmental, social and governance conditions around the globe.

Our “three-legged stool” of integrated services and functions offers:

Donor Advised Funds — TSF provides professional, effective management of donor advised funds, and offers engaged, personal service to donor advisors, resulting in increased satisfaction and impact.
Impact Investing — TSF provides opportunities for donors to participate in both impact first (Program Related) investments and financial first (Mission Related) investments, emphasizing strategies that support the transition to a conservation economy.
Community Engagement — TSF engages with communities of philanthropists, activists and others who are working to move the conservation needle, promote investment as a tool for achieving philanthropic goals, and achieve more sustainable food and agriculture systems.