Foundation Management
Financial management, administrative and grant management services are provided to TSF by:

Leventhal Kline Management Inc.
127 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94710
{ P } 510-841-4123
{ F } 510-841-4093

Leventhal Kline Management Inc. provides comprehensive management, administrative and grantmaking services to a select number of private foundations to support their effective philanthropy.

Investment management services are provided by:

Mailing: 268 Bush St #2732, San Francisco, CA 94104
Office: 1 Embarcadero Ste #4000, San Francisco, CA 94105

Sonen Capital is a specialized investment management firm dedicated to investors seeking outstanding financial returns with lasting social and environmental impact.

The Springcreek Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals or inquiries. All grants are recommended by donor advisors or initiated by the Foundation. Please do not send any unsolicited material to the Foundation.