The Conservation Economy
At The Springcreek Foundation, our grants and investments are targeted to support a transition from the Carbon Economy to a Conservation Economy. We recognize that the health of the global economy is dependent upon the health of the greater ecosystem. To encourage the transition to a Conservation Economy, we employ strategies that leverage environmental, social and financial capital to promote a healthy ecosystem.

To conserve is to reduce or eliminate waste. Our strategy is to move significant amounts of capital into areas that promote and maintain a more environmentally and socially sustainable global economic system. We thereby maximize impact and minimize the waste of time, money, and environmental resources.

We continuously identify investment opportunities that protect, restore and replenish our environmental, social and economic capital. We consciously and consistently invest in new industries and emerging markets that balance human, environmental and economic needs.

To see how the elements of Equity, Ecology and the Economy work together to shape the Conservation Economy and bring about Reliable Prosperity, go to: